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Nancy Wharton

Nancy Wharton

Nancy Wharton

After obtaining a master’s in library and information science, Nancy Wharton started working in the research departments of public and corporate libraries, including San Francisco-based Wells Fargo, where she completed industry analyses for their economists.

Then came a stint at Pacific Gas & Electric, where Wharton automated their corporate library and became an IT supervisor for 22,000 work stations, doing tasks from LAN (local area network) administration to writing trainings. In 1999 Nancy went to work for an internet startup that specialized in software distribution. “They were doing well and had 400 employees, then when the market bottomed out, they laid off 200 people in one day and retired my product (a training system for IT personnel).”

It was then that Nancy launched her consulting career. “I had managed large numbers of people and knew how to do research from my academic and corporate background. After consulting in California for a couple years, I started going back and forth to Durango, met (business partner) Jasper Welch at the incubator (at San Juan College in Farmington) and started doing projects with him.”

In February of 2011, Wharton and Welch launched Durango Space, a coworking facility where freelance professionals or mobile workers can utilize office space and other resources.

One of Nancy’s favorite advising tasks is helping people write comprehensive business plans, complete with a vision together that makes sense. “I like to work with customers who have not done any documentation of their systems and processes, or haven’t put their marketing package in a nice-looking portfolio, so they have something to sell.”

In between consulting clients, Wharton does a lot of training, from supervisory management training to customer satisfaction, including surveys and recommendations.

“To me, advising is almost like a human puzzle: people will say they need help with marketing and sometimes they don’t,” states Nancy. “They may have a good brand and some of the pieces, but they don’t have the customer-interaction glue. Putting it all together is where my master’s in library science is invaluable: I can listen well, piece things together, and show the gaps.”

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