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Nancy Schaufele

Nancy Schaufele

Nancy Schaufele

Employer-to-employee issues are what Nancy Schaufele loves helping SBDC clients work through. “Every business has something in common, and that is people,” says Nancy. “How do you keep your people, how do you communicate with them, value them, confront them? How do you keep them on track?”

Starting out as a psychologist specializing in post-traumatic-stress syndrome, Nancy shifted careers and launched an employee-assistance program called Counseling Connection, which helps find resources for employees and employers. “We helped employers with all of their employee needs – terminations, hiring, policies/procedures,” Schaufele describes. “Then the employees had 800-number access to us, so we could find them counseling resources. I did that for about 20 years and really enjoyed it; we helped a diverse range of companies.”

Fifteen years ago, Schaufele sold her share of the business to a partner and moved to Cortez, where she nurtured her horse addiction and engaged herself in the Montezuma community. Schaufele helped formulate the Summit Leadership Series, a program of the Southwest Community Leadership Collaborative, and became involved with the Cortez Chamber and the SBDC.

“I’ve had my fingers in a lot of leadership/business pies,” says Nancy, who is currently working on creating a dialogue between those who offer business and leadership trainings. “I am hoping this dialogue will lead to a web page that can be on the Chamber’s site, so businesses can look up transformational leadership or interviewing courses – whatever they are interested in.”

Schaufele hopes to bring the human factor to the forefront of people’s minds and encourage business owners to think outside the box when it comes to benefits.

“When you say ‘human resources’ sometimes people jump into the benefits piece of it, which is extraordinarily valuable, but so are conflict management, communication, performance reviews, supervisor skills. One of my goals is to not have employers and boards call me in a crisis; I’d much rather they have the skills ahead of time and not be putting out fires.”

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