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Matt Hoaglin

Matt Hoaglin

Matt Hoaglin

SBDC’s newest advisor, Matt Hoaglin specializes in Social Media Marketing. Matt spoke on the panel discussing the topic at the 5th Annual Southwest Colorado Women’s Small Business Conference in July.

Social Media seems daunting to new and experienced business owners who know they need to do it- but don’t know where to start. Matt delicately guides clients through the various options and steers them to the platforms that would best serve their business.

Clients want to discuss SEO – or Search Engine Optimization tactics for their web sites. They need guidance on spending time on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and the myriad of other options. “Knowing which key words potential clients are using to search for your business is almost common sense. Try the first ones that come to mind, then look at your competitors pages and see which words they use.”

Matt suggests, “First of all, know who your target market really is. If you don’t know who they are, you don’t know where to find them. In order to get traction with Social Media you have to be on the one where your ideal client is spending time.” It’s not necessary to have a presence on places like Pinterest if your clients are on LinkedIn.

Understanding who your ideal client is, helps to build your brand and target your marketing. He uses the analogy, “Are you selling a $20 purse or a $1,000 purse? You are going to send a different message depending upon who your client is.”

He cautions that it’s not necessary to discount your services to advertise on Google or Facebook. You can market your product or service at full price. Consider what discounting will do to your brand. He suggests using ads specifically targeted to your ideal audience on Facebook.

Matt loves doing research, investigating and learning about new developments in Social Media Marketing. He enjoys being around other successful business people and spends time to get to know the experts in his field. He regularly attends national conferences and likes to “bring nuggets back and be a resource in the community.”

Matt regularly uses his expertise to market his wife and business partner’s services- Allison Ragsdale Phototgraphy.

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