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Louise Garnett

Louise Garnett

Louise Garnett

Business advisor Louise Garnett has spent over 30 years helping businesses grow through developing, using, and consulting on what she calls the “Marketing Success Formula,” a strategy that segments, targets, develops and executes marketing programs and measures results.

“Most of my marketing expertise is on the strategic side, and taking those strategies into the tactical side of marketing to ensure successful marketing programs,” explains Louise. “I revolve it around the Marketing Success Formula: how do you segment your markets, how do you target the right people in those segments, then how do you develop marketing programs to go after those; it goes beyond just advertising.”

Louise has used her expertise in the past to help companies such as eBay, GE, Nielsen, IBM, HP, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Thomson, Dow Jones, and others.

Her focus in Southwest Colorado is helping SBDC clients with Marketing and Business Planning, Garnett works full-time virtually as vice president at Outsell, a leading global provider of advice to CEO’s in the publishing, media and information industry. Garnett also has 25 years’ experience in the computer industry in the San Francisco bay area, playing consulting and hands-on-marketing and finance roles.

“I have a data background, so I’m used to secondary/primary research,” says Louise. “I’ve got all the tools and know the databases quite well, because I’ve been in the publisher market covering data/information providers for 19 years. This helps SBDC clients with figuring out their target markets by tapping into resources they may not be familiar with.”

A certified Marketing for Smarties instructor, Louise says she’s enjoys working with Durango clients. “I have a real passion for Durango; I’m always impressed with the people here. I volunteered with the SBDC because I really wanted to get to know the Durango business community and provide some business services here in the process.”

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