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Joe Bishop

Joe Bishop

Joe Bishop

Starting out as an architect, Joe Bishop transitioned out of architecture into a career in commercial real estate development, interacting along the way with numerous small businesses – both as a landlord, and for some, as an investor/advisor. He started his own business in 1979 and has been involved in different ventures ever since.

“I have always enjoyed the business side of things; that is one reason I left architecture. I enjoy finance and being involved in a project or deal from A to Z, as opposed to only a certain sector," says Bishop.

Most of Bishop’s advising for the SBDC has a general business focus. 

“I’m not an MBA or a CPA,” he states. "My experience is basically in-the-trenches, seat-of-the-pants. I relate well to a lot of people I talk to because they don’t have formal business training; many of them are just trying to figure out how to start a business. I think because of my background and my interest in all aspects of business, I can help bridge the gap between the lack of business knowledge and practical, day-to-day applications."

Bishop has helped a number of retailers work out numbers and deal with lease issues; he has also advised on marketing strategies. 

“I can help retail-related businesses look at financial projections, what their cost of goods should be, rent as a percentage of sales. Sometimes people come in with the ball rolling toward opening, and sometimes they have just planted a seed and are trying to figure out how to grow it. You want to encourage that creativity and energy without giving them false hope that may be due to a lack of planning and analysis.”

In addition to business consulting and pursuing a few of his own business ventures, Bishop runs the Durango division of SOS Outreach, a program that engages at-risk youth in outdoor sports. In his spare time he likes to ski, snowshoe, fly-fish, hike, bike and throw pottery.

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