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Carl Malmberg

Carl Malmberg

Carl Malmberg

Our newest advisor is off to a quick start. Carl Malmberg moved to Durango, offered his services at the SBDC office in July and has already consulted with close to a dozen clients.

Malmberg and his wife, Tara, lived in Steamboat Springs part-time for over 10 years, while also maintaining a residence in the Houston and Dallas area. In 2013, he participated in the Ride The Rockies bike ride and discovered Durango which struck him as “a pretty nice town. It’s bigger than Steamboat with access to the snow, where-as Steamboat is in the snow.”

Malmberg brings vast hands-on experience in all aspects of running businesses from small operations to large corporations. He explains, “Businesses are basically the same. They all have customers, financials, marketing, operations, and human resources.” He feels the knowledge is transferable and “I’ve seen it done correctly and I’ve seen it done wrong.”

In 2009, he retired from the waste industry. He and a team started a medical, surgical and hazardous waste disposal company, based in Houston. They had 15 offices from New York to Los Angeles. The other company with 90% market- share “was getting arrogant and not providing good customer service. We saw an opportunity in a highly regulated industry.”

At Southern Illinois University, he earned a Bachelor’s in Thermal and Environmental Engineering and a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis on Energy Processes. This provided the expertise he needed as a Management Consultant for a company dealing with containerized liquid chemicals from tanker cars into 55 gallon drums.

Prior to that, he contributed his expertise to American Residential Services in Houston. They offered plumbing, electrical, and other home and appliance repairs. He ran the operations overseeing, “a couple hundred trucks and a warehouse full of parts and 7 appliance stores for white goods.”

Through-out his diverse career, Malmberg explains, “I have been involved in over 100 acquisitions and a couple divestitures.”

“Advising is extremely enjoyable. It is my way to give back to the community and to also become a part of the community.” He does this so he can, “help make people’s dreams a reality.” Half his clients want to start businesses and the other half are already in business. He admits to spending lots of time behind the scenes doing research to help those who seek out his advice.

“In between, I do a lot of ‘i-n-g, ing – “Fishing, hiking, camping, biking. If you see Carl around town or around campus, please say Hi and welcome him.

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