SBDC Template

Start-Up Costs

The worksheet below will help you project your starting cash requirements by identifying costs you will face in the period before you actually open for business.

Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment
Includes desks, chairs, specialized equipment, cash registers, display cases, filing cabinets, vehicles and other items you will need to provide your customers with the goods or services you sell. Remember to add sales or use tax to the purchase price.

Type of Equipment/Fixtures Number Needed X Unit Cost + Sales Tax Total Cost


Starting Inventory
List items you need to buy for resale.

Inventory Item Number Needed X Unit Cost Total Cost


Office Supplies
Pens, paper, clips, file folders, cleaning items, shopping bags, invoice pads, computer disks, and other items you will need to operate your business. Also, make a separate list of items you would like to add, after the business is operating.

Supply Item Number Needed X Unit Cost + Sales Tax Total Cost


Decorating & Remodeling
If the location you have chosen is not exactly the way you want it, you may need to remodel to suit the demands of your business and your customers.
  1. What is the estimated cost of remodeling? $_____
  2. Will you need special decorating? How much will it cost? $_____
Installation of Equipment
Utilities and phones must be hooked up, and you may have other special installation needs for heavy equipment or computers with special uses.

Equipment Installation Firm  Cost of Installation


Deposit for Utilities
Phone, gas, electric, etc.

Utility Amount of Deposit Date Deposit is Returned/Refunded


Legal & Professional Fees
Attorneys, accountants, consultants and others who assist you in starting your business

Name Firm Fee


Licenses & Permits
State, county, city and some federal agencies require licenses and/or permits, which must be purchased

Agency For Fee


Opening Advertising
Grand opening advertising is usually a large, one-time expense than the regular, monthly maintenance advertising and promotional amount you budget. You should also budget here for your signage.

Advertiser For Cost


Specialized Expenditures
Franchise fees or other expenses unique to your business

Item Payable To Cost


These costs for starting from scratch will probably far exceed your monthly operations costs. It is essential to know your start up costs, especially if you are applying for financing.