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Our business consultants have a wealth of knowledge and diverse backgrounds to provide excellent consulting and business advice. Please click on a consultant's name below to read his or her bio and expertise. 

  • Adam Rogers

    Adam Rogers

    CFO management experience specializing in finance and business management

  • Anthony Edwards

    Anthony Edwards

    Capital Financing & Business Expansion

  • Bradley Fox

    Bradley Fox

    Business Law

  • Carl Malmberg

    Carl Malmberg

    Business Operations

  • Cindy Dvergsten

    Cindy Dvergsten

    Natural Resources & Agriculture

  • Donna Graves

    Donna Graves

    Research Consultant

  • Ernie Lau

    Ernie Lau

    SBA Financing

  • Jack Llewelyn

    Jack Llewelyn

    Marketing & Networking

  • Jasper Welch

    Jasper Welch

    Emerging Companies & Executive Coach

  • Joe Bishop

    Joe Bishop

    General Business & Real Estate Development

  • Joe Keck

    Joe Keck

    Business Revitalization and Start Up

  • Kristina Fox

    Kristina Fox

    Start Up and Property Law

  • Laura Hokanson

    Laura Hokanson


  • Louise Garnett

    Louise Garnett

    Market Strategy & Research

  • Marcy Mitchell

    Marcy Mitchell

    Internet Marketing & Website Development

  • Matt Hoaglin

    Matt Hoaglin

    Social Media Marketing

  • Mike Rich

    Mike Rich

    Business management and operations

  • Nancy Schaufele

    Nancy Schaufele

    Human Resources

  • Nancy Wharton

    Nancy Wharton

    General Business & Planning

  • Rich Lindblad

    Rich Lindblad

    Business Revitalization

  • Terryl Peterson

    Terryl Peterson

    Financial & Business Operations

  • Tom Holcomb

    Tom Holcomb

    Renewable Energy/Start-Ups

  • Tom Phare

    Tom Phare

    Financial Analyst/Investment Manager